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large farm drainage trencher

Hydramaxx 2700 Wheel Trencher

The Hydramaxx 2700 Trencher is built in Missouri by Port Industries and ideal for large or small tiling jobs.

It is GPS enabled with Trimble (tm) WM-Drain Farm Drainage Solution for precise grading, 3D tile positioning, and job layout.

It is capable of laying 15" diameter drain tile as deep as 7 feet into a farm field with 425-475 horsepower.

Caterpillar D6N LGP

The Caterpillar D6N LGP is outfitted with the Low Ground Pressure (LGP) arrangement with wider track shoes, longer track frame, and wider track gauge to work better in the soft and spongy soil environments we face in the Midwest.  

This D6N has a ripper to work through hard soil and a 6-way blade set up for finish work.

This dozer is GPS enabled as well to provide precision sitework for many applications.

Caterpillar D6R XW

For big jobs, sometimes one D6N and one D6R are just not enough.  This Caterpillar D6R XW is outfitted with the XW (for eXtra Wide) equipment.

The D6R XW is amazing when pushing dirt.  For terracing work or general dozer work, the D6R XW is tough to beat.

Caterpillar D6R LGP

Like the D6N, this Caterpillar D6R LGP is also outfitted with the Low Ground Pressure (LGP) arrangement to work better in the soft and spongy soil environments we face in the Midwest.

The D6R is great for pushing tons of dirt.  It's a solid machine capable of installing miles of terracing easily.

Caterpillar 330CL Hydraulic Excavator

The Cat 330CL Hydraulic Excavator is vary capable of moving large amounts of earth.

 This powerful machine is also our Go-To machine for clearing large swaths of timber .

Caterpillar 320C Excavator with thumb

This Caterpillar 320C Hydraulic Excavator with Thumb is a workhorse able to reach 30 feet out and dig 13 feet into the ground ... or load a truck almost 25 feet off the ground.  

The thumb attachment makes it easy to pick up various large items (like trees) that a traditional excavator is not able to do.


Two Caterpillar 420E Backhoes

The Caterpillar 420E's are the right machines for many tasks.  We use them for loading gravel into dump trucks, for moving dirt in the fields when a dozer may not be the right machine, or for installing tiling junction boxes or Water Level Control Structures.

The 420E's are versatile machines that are smaller and able to get into areas that an excavator, track loader, or dozer might not be able to reach.


Caterpillar 563 Roller

The Caterpillar 563 Roller with Padfoot roller is ideal for compacting loose soils / fill dirt.  


Peterbuilt Dump Truck

Peterbuilt Dump Truck

The Peterbuilt dump truck is obviously a critical part of any earth moving task ... or rock moving ... or materials .... or scrap .... or ... etc.


Caterpillar 963 Track Loader

The Caterpillar 963 Track Loader is specialized in loading dirt or rocks into the dump trucks.  Having this machine available makes short work for loading large amounts of material for transport in the trucks.  

While sometimes a 420E backhoe does the work of loading the trucks, for large jobs, the 963 is much faster and much more efficient.


Two Terex Motor Scrapers

These 2 Terex Wheeled Tractor Scrapers work together often remove and move large amounts of earth.  Ideal for pond construction or simply site preparation, the scrapers are useful machines.  


Caterpillar 140G Motor Grader

The Caterpillar 140G Motor Grader is a staple for earth and rock work.  


Caterpillar 299D Skid Loader

The Caterpillar 299D Skid loader is the all purpose tool around the shop and out on job sites as well.


Multiple late model pickup trucks and ancillary equipment

Our fleet of pickup trucks not only serves the purpose of moving crew to job sites, but also is important for GPS mapping, for towing small trailers and tile, for on-site fleet maintenance, fueling, etc.

Freightliner Truck Tractor,  

Two Peterbuilt Truck Tractors

Many trailers (lowboys, side dump, and utility trailers)

Mobilizing this army of machinery requires a fleet of Semi Tractors and trailers.  

Since much of our equipment is oversized, it requires special vehicles and operators to move from one site to the next.  Lowboy trailers are required in most cases.