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Empire Construction and Trenching, Inc. has significant experience and a broad range of services we can provide.  Our substantial investment in a technologically advanced fleet of equipment means that you can trust us to be accurate and committed to quality.


Farm Field Drainage

 GPS Enabled field tile planning, computer aided design, GPS assisted installation, and maintenance

Farm Drainage Management Systems (DMS)

Utilizing Water Control Structures to manage the water levels in your fields

Precision Site Work

Any grading or job site prep work that requires precise grade control utilizing our GPS control systems

Field Terracing is a type of precision grading job that has unique planning and construction requirements

Conservation and lowland projects

Empire has significant experience dealing with large scale conservation programs and drainage issues in low lying areas prone to flooding

Many other services such as

  • Pond construction
  • Farm site maintenance and cleanup
  • Conservation projects – ex. wetlands, watersheds, etc.
  • Levy construction and repair
  • Revetment
  • Rock hauling
  • Oversize equipment hauling
  • Excavation of any type
  • Dirt moving and hauling of any type
  • Septic system installation
  • Other construction projects as needed